Monday, January 31, 2005

ISP Version of SiteFinder Launched

A Washington Post staff writer reports on a product offered by Paxfire that is "turning the address bar of every subscriber to an ISP into a search bar". The article notes: "Few had noticed that Paxfire, in partnership with NeuStar Inc., a District company that runs the ".biz" and ".us" registries, conducted a trial of a similar redirect program five months before VeriSign's". The President of Paxfire, Mark Lewyn, said "each ISP that uses Paxfire has its own "landing page" to which users who make typing erros are redirected. ISPs can customize the page with their branding and with paid and unpaid links. When a user clicks on a sponsored link, Paxfire and the ISP split the resulting revenue. Users can also opt out of the program, which they couldn't do with the Internet registries."


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