Monday, January 24, 2005

Increase in Domain Name Registrations Expected

Chief gTLD Registry Liaison Tina Dam writes:

Dear Registries and Sponsors,

ICANN received an inquiry about the need for a temporary increase in access to the shared registration system for registration of new domain names. This increase is due to a specific marketing program that is anticipated to result in a temporary significant increase in new domain name registrations. ICANN has been asked if this raises an issue under the equivalent access provisions of the Registry Agreement. In this instance the increase in access is not a violation of the equivalent access provision: all registrars will still be able to register new domain names as their demand requires and the pursuit of this opportunity by one registrar does not preclude others form pursuing similar endeavors. Marketing programs such as these enhance and promote competition in a way consistent with ICANN's mission.

Perhaps someone knows... does this have anything to do with the .info promotion, or is something else on the horizon?


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