Sunday, January 23, 2005

ICANN Strategic Plan Junket

Although ICANN released its three year Strategic Plan for public comment well over two months ago, the constituencies of the GNSO have decided that they require a junket to Amsterdam in order to better formulate their thoughts regarding this document before the comment period expires on 28 February. Organized by the Business Constituency's Marilyn Cade (formerly representing AT&T but now representing mCADE LLC), this session will be in addition to the teleconferences with each GNSO constituency that are now being scheduled by the ICANN staff.

Let's see if anyone bothers to ask these questions:
  1. Will the at-large community ever have democratically-elected representation on the ICANN Board?
  2. What will be the policy for determining the circumstances under which new top level domains would be added to the root system?
  3. With the WSIS process calling for transparency in the Internet's management, will ICANN post the minutes of its Board meetings that haven't been posted since June 2003?
  4. Having closed their General Public Comment Forum (it's now read-only), does ICANN intend to continue ignoring the public it purportedly serves?
While assuredly many loyal ICANN devotees will arrive in Amsterdam for this session, Interim ALAC representative Thomas Roessler has already stated: "fyi. I'm not going."


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