Thursday, January 27, 2005

ICANN Staff tells ALAC how to vote

In a letter posted to the Interim ALAC discussion list ICANN Staffer Denise Michel cites unpublished correspondence from the RIR's Paul Wilson in a bid to influence the ALAC vote on whether to endorse the WSIS Workshop Planning Group Draft Resolution.

Aren't we past the point where ICANN staff has to meddle in the affairs of an Advisory Committee in order to secure a desired result?


At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since ALAC is a creation of ICANN, only exists as long as ICANN chooses it to exist, and is made up of people invited by ICANN... since ALAC is ICANN's own committee, and is entirely dependent on ICANN for its existence... since ICANN finances ALAC's travel and hosts ALACs webpages... since ALAC was only set up to face-save after the ICANN Directors were expelled... since ALAC is part of ICANN and merely an instrument of ICANN:

Isn't it entirely logical that ICANN should meddle and define what this ALAC will say and do and be?

This ALAC is not a real At Large. Actually, it's just ICANN.


Richard Henderson

At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a surprise for you: ALAC members don't like being told how to vote, either.

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ALAC is not representative of individuals. It is inside the system, and only exists at all within the terms dictated by the system. ALAC can be closed down at any time. ICANN created ALAC and ALAC belongs to ICANN.

To that extent, ICANN can do anything it wants with ALAC, but they cannot say that ALAC belongs to individual users. Individual users aren't even
allowed to belong to ALAC, for goodness sake. The ALAC rules state that if you are an individual user you are not allowed to join this facade which purports to be for individual users. ALAC has no mandate from individual users.

Those who were invited to join ALAC, chose to join
the ICANN "Club".

The nearest we got to true representation for individuals, by individuals, were the At Large directors who were elected by individuals, not chosen by
ICANN. But these representatives were expelled from the ICANN Board.

You can only belong to the ICANN "Club" if you accept their terms. They make the rules.

The purpose of the rules is to perpetuate the ICANN "Club".

Richard Henderson


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