Monday, January 24, 2005

ICANN Registries Trash GNSO Council Review

In an analysis posted to the GNSO Council list, the gTLD Registry Constituency politely rips into the Independent GNSO Council Review. Here are a few choice remarks:

  1. "This conclusion with regard to the .net criteria work by the Council is false and details regarding missed deadlines were publicly communicated..."
  2. "There is no evidence that the required Issue Report, containing even the minimum information and instruction required by Section 2, was created or transmitted to the GNSO Council."
  3. "We have not been able to locate any public posting of the minutes of the GNSO Council meeting that allegedly took place on 1 April 2004 authorizing the creation of the "Subcommittee" notwithstanding the fact that under the Bylaws those minutes should have been posted by 22 April."
  4. "There does not appear to be any public record of a vote by the Council."
  5. "The one constituency statement received failed to contain even the minimum disclosures required by Section 7(d) for the Subcommittee's consideration of those statements (i.e., voting results, how the constituency arrived at its position in the statement, dissenting or opposing positions of constituency members to the position submitted as the consensus position in the constituency statement, any analysis of time or impact on the constituency, etc.)."
  6. "The ICANN Staff Manager did not compile an Initial Report and post it within 50 days of the PDP initiation."

A refreshing bit of honesty. Who knows what this might portend?


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