Monday, January 24, 2005

ICANN Announces At-Large Workshop

ICANN will be offering "the ICANN At-Large Workshop" on February 1 in Accra, Ghana (timed to coincide with the WSIS African Regional PrepCom 2005). This workshop has supposedly been arranged by the Interim At-Large Advisory Committee, but those in the know are aware that ALAC members have had no public discussions about this event (which obviously was completely orchestrated by ICANN Staff).

The Workshop will cover such topics as:
  1. ICANN At Large -- Promoting Effective Participation in the ICANN Process: Tracing the History and Explaining the Proposed Internet User Community Participatory Structure
  2. Becoming an At-Large Structure (ALS): The Process and the Modalities
  3. Promoting Effective Participation -- The Way the Internet User Community Sees It; Contributions from Internet User Community Organizations and Prospective At-Large Structures on How to Promote Effective Public Participation in the ICANN Process and Other National, Regional and Global Internet Governance Organizations and Institutions

As a bonus, ICANN/At-Large will have a booth at the WSIS Conference Exhibition, 31 January – 4 February at the Accra International Conference Center, to provide information and answer questions about ICANN and At-Large.

As sadly there is no time in my schedule that would allow me to be in possession of a valid health certificate for Yellow Fever within the next few days, I will have to pose a few questions by way of this blog:

  1. Why are the minutes of ALAC meetings never posted? Don't these "nominated representatives" of the At-Large believe in transparency?
  2. Why has no member of this ALAC called for the democratic election of At-Large representatives to the ICANN Board?
  3. What value is there in participation without representation? Why should registries, registrars and other special interest groups have elected representatives in the ICANN process while the public has none?

As this ALAC lacks the inclination to respond to any comments from the public, I seriously doubt that answers will be forthcoming anytime soon.


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