Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Debate on ICANN Restricted Fund

On the non-commercial constituency discussion list Milton Mueller writes:

Some time in the next week we will teleconference with ICANN staff about the strategic plan. I am formulating a response. One issue strikes me as open to debate. ICANN proposes to create a "Restricted Fund forDeveloping Country Internet Communities." Do we favor or oppose?

In favor: ICANN provides support for workshops and technical forums in developing countries. The governance model of ICANN has been critizied by many on grounds that it does not foster participation from developing countries. This can be viewed as an appropriate response.

Oppose: this steps outside of ICANN's coordination role and makes it into a much more expansive welfare state type of agency. Those who are supported by ICANN are also, to a large degree, under the control ofICANN; it might be better for independent agencies (foundations, higher education institutions, civil society organizations, governments) to provide this kind of support.

Please give me your opinion.


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