Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ccNSO Minutes

Minutes - ccNSO Council Meeting (By teleconference) 13.00 UTC 18 January 2005:


3.01 Pursuant to Article IX Section 3.9 of the ICANN By Laws and following the members election process IT WAS RESOLVED to nominate Peter Dengate Thrush for seat 11 and Demi Getschko for seat 12 on the ICANN Board.

3.02 Given that under the ICANN By Laws, the term of seat 11 expires in June 2005 and the term of seat 12 expires in December 2005 and given that these are both very short periods of time IT WAS RESOLVED to seek members approval (at the ccNSO meeting in Argentina in April 2005) to the proposal that the Council re-nominate Peter Dengate Thrush to the Board of ICANN in June 2005 for a full 3 year term and re-nominate Demi Getschko to the Board of ICANN in December 2005 for a full 3 year term.

3.03 Given the formation of the ICANN Nominating Committee for 2005 and given that the ccNSO is entitled to nominate one person to that committee IT WAS RESOLVED to put out a call to both members and non-members for volunteers to fill that role.

3.04 IT WAS RESOLVED that pursuant to the by laws the AFTLD organisation be formally designated as the regional organisation for the African region.

3.05 IT WAS RESOLVED to immediately form a Working Group on Councillors terms of office so that a proposal for changing the current structure for the election of Councillors and their terms can be discussed at the ccNSO meeting in Argentina and finalised at the ccNSO meeting in Luxembourg.


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