Monday, January 31, 2005

ALAC Wrestles with Resolution

To endorse or not to endorse? Or how to endorse without really endorsing... a quandry has presented itself to the members of the ALAC -- Izumi Aizu writes:

"To clarify, this resolution will be first signed by "individuals" who joined the working group, so not representing ALAC as a whole in the initial stage, but Vittorioand my name will be there. THEN, this will be circulated to all ICANN community and seek for broad endorsement. Of course, it is better to take ALAC's full endorsement at this stage, but it is not necessary. I also see some "weekness" from AtLarge/user/Civil society perspective, but still this can be an acceptable baseline within ICANN community. So, unless there is a strong objection, I will send my endorsement to the group, with the understanding that I am a member of ALAC, but
signing as individual."

This reminds me of the conversation that Izumi had with the ICANN Board in Cape Town:

"And so we're sort of perhaps facing a dilemma, too, because on the one hand, individual users, at large or civil society, usually want some kind of independence, neutrality or whatever, that we don't want to be under the ICANN control. I was described, "are you going to be a puppet of the ICANN board to just reinforce ICANN, that CORRUPT organization"? That kind of image is usually trying to be, especially active citizens are vocal. They want to be independent. So if you make an appearance too close to the status quo, you need some sort of a credibility. But at the same time, you have to be inside. So it's a very difficult job we are facing."

Note to Izumi: you can't sit on both sides of the fence.


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